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Kristen Fiolleau, C95 Ambassador

I am so excited to be able to participate in another C95 Radio Marathon. This will be my third year sharing my story.
As someone with Stage 4 Breast Cancer my story is never the same. Last year, I was so caught up in everyday life, and helping with so many projects, that I never noticed any of my cancer symptoms returning. Shortly after the Radio Marathon, my life was interrupted; I had a seizure, and they discovered that cancer had spread to my brain. This was one of my most shocking experiences since my diagnosis. I was scheduled for brain surgery to remove what they could of the cancer, and then underwent whole brain radiation to try and stop any further spread of the disease. It was a long month in the hospital. I required rehabilitation to help me regain my strength and recover from the brain damage I had experienced as a result of my treatments. I was happy to return home in December to spend time with my family over the holidays. I managed a few more months without any evidence of cancer, but in March we found more traces of disease in a lymph node near my liver. Once again, I had to return to the Cancer Centre for treatment, this time an aggressive schedule of chemotherapy for six months.
For now… I am stable. Chemotherapy has helped keep the cancer under control. ¬†Unfortunately, I have to live with the fear of the cancer returning because there is no cure or any other course of treatment that is available for my situation.
My family and I keep being devastated by cancer, and we know that research is the only key to the cure. We need to contribute to research efforts in order to preserve the lives that are so tremendously affected by this disease. Raising awareness and sharing my story on the importance of this cause is the greatest legacy I wish to leave behind.