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Chase the Ace


After 17 weeks and with 35 cards left in the deck, the ace of spades was drawn tonight in the Saskatoon Firefighters Chase the Ace at the Canadian Brewhouse.  A Saskatoon woman, Karen Conway, is the fundraiser’s first winner, taking home $16,310!

Karen, who works for Cameco, said the money will go towards paying tuition for her two children in university.  “Most importantly, I feel good that the money I used to buy my tickets goes to a good cause,” said Conway.

The Saskatoon Firefighters started the Chase the Ace fundraiser in September with proceeds raised supporting the C95 Radio Marathon for Breast Cancer Research.

Karen had bought her tickets for the first time a few weeks ago from the Saskatoon Firefighters at the Canadian Brewhouse.  She then signed up online for a weekly ten-dollar subscription to the local lottery.

“Best ten dollars I ever spent,” Karen laughed.

Kael Irvine, with the Saskatoon Firefighters, said the proceeds from Chase the Ace will go a long way towards their goal to raise funds and support breast cancer research in Saskatchewan.

“Many of us with the Saskatoon Firefighters have seen first-hand how breast cancer can affect our loved ones,” Kael said.  “We’d heard about of the success of Chase the Ace in other areas of Canada and we were invested, one hundred percent, to see it do the same [and more] in Saskatoon.”

Proceeds from the Chase the Ace fundraiser will go towards the Saskatoon Firefighters annual donation to the C95 Radio Marathon for Breast Cancer Research in October 2018.  Funds raised from the C95 Radio Marathon provide resources that help Saskatchewan researchers work toward finding new treatments for those affected by breast cancer in Saskatchewan each year.

Check out the Chase the Ace winning draw video!

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